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Whether it's during the
Laughing Song with the
puppet, Norman............

..or the Elvis Impersonator
I'm All Prayed Up"
 (chosen from among them)
 LAUGHTER breaks down
 barriers and allows the
 Spirit of God to bring to
 the light LIFE GIVING truth!

In your face DRAMAS by the team
by Marsha
lead the way to Jesus.

be trusted!
POLK Correctional Facility, Butner, NC
June 2013

70 young men (ages 18-21) attended the
"program"  we had prepared.  They all
moments where they were.  Many drank in
God's love through the Scriptures, skits,  
testimonies and songs.  They were also
challenged by the TRUTH of the predicaments
of their lives and the HOPE they might never
have heard or known.

16 Young Men said they made a decision to
turn their lives over to Jesus, praying to
him for forgiveness and publically
announcing they had placed their trust
in Him alone for their lives.

24 men said they rededicated
their lives to Jesus.

ALL were clearly told the TRUTH about their
need for a Savior, and God's provision through
Christ.  Some returned to their cell blocks,
pondering the great things they had seen and
heard.  Some, we believe, will make
commitments because of the TRUTH we
had the privilege to share, and God's Spirit
who reveals Christ to all who seek Him.

All received Bibles and Devotionals
provided by faithful supporters of the our
ministry!  Praise the Lord!

Straight Ahead Ministries
Juvenile Detention Centers

148 young men & women and their
counselors in
10 Juvenile Detention
heard that they have a HOPE & a
FUTURE because God loves them!  

58 asked for forgiveness, placing  
their trust in Christ for the remainder of
their lives. (9 are Counselors!)

21 Re-Dedicated their lives to Christ.

ALL were given Bibles and devotionals
written by  "Kids In Lock-Up" and were
followed up with WEEKLY Bible Studies
led by volunteers from:  

Straight Ahead Ministries
From a Bible Study Leader in a Girls'
Detention Center....
Just wanted you to
Ministries was at the Brockton girl's unit
last Thursday.  The staff & the kids loved
it, & so did I.  I wish they could be on
television so everyone in the world could
see what they have to say about God's
love for these young people.
Thank you for that
Janet S.

From the Director of Rotenberg
School for Female Juvenile
Offenders..... Thank you so much,
Marsha, for bringing your
"production" our way.  The kids loved
it--and I was quite impressed!  Please
continue to think of us.  Again, many
thanks.                       Mary H.