:: Peace In The Midst of the Storm ....Stories & Songs of Comfort and Hope::
:: Marsha King ::

The response to this project has been phenomenal.  Thank you to all who have taken time to share
how the stories and songs in "Peace In The Midst of the Storm" have helped you and your loved ones
"press on" during difficult times.
12-Song CD
1.  If He Hung The Moon          
2.  The Strength of the Lord     
3.  Give Them All To Jesus     
4.  Through It All       
5.  It Won’t Rain Always
6. Roses Will Bloom Again     
7.  The Only Real Peace      
8.  I Know A Love       
9.  Hold On     
10. Peace In The Midst of the Storm
11. Everlasting Peace,'Til The
Storm Passes By
12. That’s Him

Peace In The Midst of ..............PRISON
Marsha shares the story of the Prodigal Son in the
Bible;  fast living that led eventually to his eating with the
swine to survive.  Her son, Eric's story is similar.  His
thirst for money and power and "life in the fast lane"
landed him in prison.  In both cases, the father's great
love for his child brought forgiveness, comfort and
healing;for the son AND his family! That same PEACE is
available to us today, regardless of whether our PRISON
is physical, emotional or spiritual.
Peace In The Midst of..... Loss & Death
"Mishaps are like knives that either serve us or cut
us, as we grasp them by the handle or the blade."
James R. Lowell
Even in the darkest hour, God is faithful. When
her son died, Marsha and her husband found
comfort IN THE MIDST of the pain.  Dr. H. Norman
Wright says, "If we haven't been intimate with Him
in life's ordinariness, it's not likely we will know
where to find Him during hardship."  The
message and the music of
"Peace In The Midst of
the Storm"
points the way.  Regardless of the
difficulty you face, now or future, you can find

Peace In The Midst of...... Major
God loves us more than we can
fathom.  The Bible tells us He loved us
before we were even born. Marsha
shares stories and songs that prove it,
including stories about Joseph, whose
own brothers sold him as a slave, (but
God meant it for GOOD) and little
Jacob Dietrich, whose irresponsible
actions resulted in the death of his
brother.  She tells of God's miraculous
healing of a life-threatening aortic
dissection while she was in a coma,
and of the PEACE that passes all
understanding when her son was given
a terminal prognosis.  God heals
today..... His Word is full of HOPE and
PEACE for those who need His touch.
This Inspirational Book includes both personal and Biblical stories WITH application questions at the end of
each of the twelve chapters. Each accompanying Song fits with the topic and can be played one at a time as
you read or all together.  The book can easily be used as a devotional..and includes all Scriptures referenced.
Peace In The Midst of.......... EVERY DAY LIFE
God has wonderful things in store for those who love
Him.  But we often allow the worries of this world, and the
deceitfulness of riches to get us off track.  When we find
ourselves at the end of our rope, whether the trouble is
our "own fault" or not, is there HOPE for us?  Can we find
PEACE even then?  
The answer is "Yes".