A Fine Day for Fishing ::
A Fine Day for Fishing- Historical Fiction ::
Captain Dan at the Book Premiere November 2013
East Hampton Town Marine Museum
Amagansett, NY

 Marsha King's A Fine Day For Fishing is the story of a     
 centuries-old fishing community in one of the most beautiful
 places in America, the far East End of Long Island, N.Y. Told
 from the viewpoint of a boy watching his future slip away, it's a
 cautionary tale of what happens
when people with wealth and
 power decide you've got something they want.

 Generations of The Captain's family made their living by
 haul-seine fishing, a life of back-breaking, often dangerous
 work that at one time returned money enough to raise a family,
 and maybe put a few dollars aside as well. But when striped
 bass, both the main money fish of the haulseiners and a
 favorite catch of influential sport fishermen, became less
 plentiful, the Powers That Be decided the haulseining crews   
 were the culprits, and enacted legislation to end this commercial
 fishery to preserve the bass for the "sporties."

 The result? The death of a centuries-old way of life, played out
 on a fine sandy beach. And although it's technically a novel,
 almost everything in A Fine Day For Fishing is true.

 Even if you don't care about fishing, or fishermen, or tradition,
 or folks who work for a living, read Marsha King's A Fine Day
 For Fishing. Then think about what you value most, and what
 you'll do when the One Percenters come to take it away from
                                           Mike Smith
                                   East Hampton Native
                                        Maritime Writer