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FROM WILMINGTON, NC.....................................What a tremendous blessing I received reading your book.  
You captured my attention on the first page and I could not put it down until I finished it.  Having quite a
testimony ourselves  (or so I thought until getting a glimpse of yours), I found your story to be very
profound.  Most notable was the fact that although you shared in only a few words your personal
struggles, it really gave a great depth of understanding of the perseverance and endurance necessary
for our life journey.    In spite of overwhelming challenges, your courage and sustaining faith in the Lord  
simply jumped off the pages as the very heart of Jesus gently drifted right off and into my heart.  Don’t
you just love the way our Savior can over-shadow our struggles in such a peaceful and loving way?
P.S.  Bring extra copies of your book when we meet again.  I have some friends who need your  story of
encouragement.   Kathryn T........Wilmington, NC

From a Gentleman Undergoing CHEMO at Duke Hospital, NC
..........I read Marsha King’s book “Peace in the
Midst of the Storm” during my most recent hospital stay.  It was a great read.  It includes Bible stories that amplify
her life stories and faith in Jesus, and a CD of songs by Marsha that match each chapter.  ORDER ONE for
yourself.  You will not regret it!  She is also a dynamic inspirational speaker and solo artist.  Can you tell we are
biased?  It is only because of her love for people and the stories and songs of comfort and hope she brings.  Invite
her to your church!!  
Al E.

FROM HARTFORD, CT.......What a great resource!  I received "Peace In The Midst of the
Storm" as a gift.  Since being encouraged personally, I've begun using it at corporate
meetings.  The stories are uplifting and motivational.  A good way to start the day.  
Thanks again, and may God richly bless you as you continue to share these insights with
others.     Rachele.P

FROM HAWAII.... Aloha Marsha, I received your book and CD, "Peace in the Midst of the
Storm" from my dear friend in New York.  What an awesome message of grace and inner
peace through Him!  After a battle with ovarian cancer and now, as I face the daily pain
of back problems, I know the true Source of just getting through the day.  We can either
give up or give it to Him for His healing.  Thank you for your awesome ministry of hope
through our Savior.  By the way, I am a mental health counselor and do recovery
counseling  Your book and CD will be a wonderful addition to my work.  Aloha and God
bless you!           Cathy S. Kauai, Hawaii

From Orlando, Fl.....We love the CD and book! It's arrival was very timely, especially for my husband.
He's so stressed about money these days, putting in such long hours at work with no overtime pay
because he's salaried.    We both love just having it on in the background when we've had a stressful day
or are trying to relax from the world and its pressures. It floods the soul with such peace, such a sense of
safety-that nothing is ever really wrong, because we're safe in Daddy's arms.          Donna N.

......Before my simple mind forgets it AGAIN, I have meant to thank you for the book Peace in
the Midst of the Storm. With my mom's death, I hadn't really gotten around to it until the last couple of days. It has
been such a comfort, I now know why I hadn't started reading it before.  The time wasn't right a few weeks ago, but
sure is right now. Thank you again.  It's something to be read over and over.

East Hampton, NY  I just felt that I had to write and thank you for writing this book and singing of your
love for Jesus.  I cried when I read the book...so much so that I was not able to finish it.  (I certainly will)  
When I repeated some of your stories to my husband he also cried.  Such was the response from us, two
people who already knew most of the stories!  How much more of a blessing and impact your book will have
on those that have never heard.

East Hampton, NY  God has blessed you with many gifts and you have been so faithful in the tragedies of your life.  
You are an inspiration to all and I know that you give all the Glory to God.   As new believers, your Danny was one of
the greatest inspirations to us when we first met him and grew to know him.  God blessed us with his presence.
........THE BOOK and CD
FROM NORTH CAROLINA...  "A gentleman that I train at the gym gave me a copy of your book
and CD.  As I began to read it, I was encouraged and strengthened.  When another trainee told
me of trials in his life and asked me to pray for him, I did so.  But I did something else.  I
gave him your book and CD, a wonderful resource that I believe God will use to help him
through this difficult time.  Hey!  Can I get another one???"      Allen D.........Wilmington, NC

FROM A RETIRED ARMY CHAPLAIN/COUNSELOR......................."Having spent thousands of hours
with many very distressed persons, I find Marsha King's combination of music and insights both
comforting and encouraging.  She is a masterful musician who has lived what she sings about.  
Every person facing personal trials will find the music and thoughts a very supportive partner in
their journey."
                                     Chaplain (Colonel)William J. De Leo, Ret. MDiv, MEd, MS,PhD  

FROM WILMINGTON, NC...I gave another copy of your book to a friend in the final stages of cancer.  
She telephoned me to say that this book and CD has brought Hope and Peace to her in a way that
she thought was unattainable.  May God bless you as He continues to use you to help hurting
people.          Karen I........Wilmington, NC
Medford, NY    Wow!  The Scriptures you reference in this book are powerful!  I’ve been a follower of
Christ for a long time, but you’ve stirred up issues I didn’t know were still there..... by coming in the back
door.  It’s like all of a sudden, I have stones in my shoes.  It’s time to get them out and walk with God in
PEACE.  Thank you for this work of love.
Wilmington, NC  I purchased one of the Peace In the Midst books for my mother for Christmas.  This
book and CD have really touched her life (as well as my own), reminding us both that no matter how
rough the storm may be, through Christ there is always Peace available.  Thank you so much for your
words of encouragement and inspiration.

FROM NORTH CAROLINA......... I can't begin to tell you the "high" that I am on since reading and hearing "Peace".   The
transparency of your heart, and the reality of what we face here on this earth brings me HOPE.  You have honored God
by obedience to share the Truth. It is my prayer that others will have a similar opportunity to be blessed.  May your
ministry continue to grow for His Glory.  

FROM A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR..........“Marsha King's new book and CD, "Peace in the Midst of the
Storm", is an excellent source of wisdom, inspiration and comfort for people who are facing some of life's toughest
                           Anna Bowens, LPC

FROM NORTH CAROLINA.... I read “Peace In the Midst of the Storm” straight through when I received it as a gift……….
and have re-read portions of it almost daily.  It has become almost like a daily dose of scripture for me.  I recently suffered
from excruciating neck pain and endured surgery which entailed putting plastic discs in my neck, a titanium plate and
removing numerous spurs on both sides.  But during this painful time, I picked up your book and was lifted up by reading
it.  God
is always there.  Your book and CD reinforce the belief that He will get me through anything if I just give it to him.   
Thank you for this gift of love.        Reva J...... Winston-Salem, NC

FROM WINSTON-SALEM, NC.....Thank you for the gift of your wonderful book and CD.  I
know now that God knew I needed it before I did.  I have had a lot of trials in the
past months and the words, scripture, music and insights from His word have helped
me more than you can know.  Thank you for following His command to share these
truths with others, and please continue to pray for me.I will certainly do the same
for you and your family. Becki